Game Variants


So, what do you get up to at these skirmish events…?

Dispatch Runner

Runners must deliver a package to a location at the end of the wood. Up against you is a skirmish line of mean at arms and archers coming the other way. You need to breach the line, and deliver the package before they find you. Will you use cover? Or will you try and outrun them.

*New* for Winter 2013 – try running the gauntlet as an archer.

The Relic Game

Your team has in its possession the banner of St Fraser of Dagenham, patron saint of shoppers. This priceless relic must be displayed proudly, and cannot be touched by human hands – including yours. However the other team has its own relic, which you know to be a blasphemous fake. Your team needs to guard your own relic, whilst seeking out the rival and returning it back to your priest* for appropriate destruction..

*Priests not supplied as standard, available for hire for a small fee!

Battle of the Households
*New for 2013*

Each MSS household will deploy its forces to the forest. At the end, only one can be left standing. What combination of troops will you field? How many archers? How much plate? Do you need an agile tactical force? Only you will know what tactics to try. Your household may be heavily outnumbered – time to get making alliances fast! But when will your allies become your enemies.. and when should you double cross them! ‘When you play the game of thrones, you win or you die!’

Take and Hold

Teams converge on a single banner. You must have a team member next to the flag for a count of 2 minutes to win. However, everyone is after the same prize. Do you try and take out the other teams en route? But that means you may miss out. Or will you rush in and try and hold out. Two minutes is a long time to be under arrow shot…

King of the Hill

Strategic Points in the wood have been identified by your Pioneers. You need to capture the majority of them to be crowned King of the Hill! You will need to leave a small force behind to control each one, but will you have enough men to take the next one…?

Bomb Run
Voted ‘Best New Game’ – Tournament Stud Private Event April 2013

Up ahead lies a heavily fortified position, packed to the brim with archers, and defended by combat troops . The assault team have a barrel of powder to blow them to Kingdom Come, but they need to get it there and they have only the one. Can they survive the charge across the terrain and light the fuse? Or will the defenders cut them down in a hail of arrows…

Omaha Beach / Forlorn Hope
‘You want me to run at THEM!!??!!’ – Naseby Dec 2015

A variant on the above, but this time all the archers on one side, and all the men at arms on the other. Can the men at arms survive the punishment to take out the archers? Will the archers rove or go to ground? Various tactics can be used in this skillful game..

Games are suitable for both archers AND men at arms. Eye protection mandatory for both. Non Combatant archers are welcome, see full MSS Skirmish rules for more details.

MSS Skirmish Rules Sep 2013

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