“Train hard, fight easy” – Sir William Harrington.

Training is important to the Companye. Both combatants and archers must be practised and competent with their equipment before they will be allowed to participate in events.

We regularly attend MSS training events, and have a number of Society Training Officers within our ranks.

Here’s a small flavour of what we get up to:

We use the following approved training locations, for the latest training dates please see details elsewhere within the blog.


Training will be on the first Thursday of each month – 3rd April, 1st May, 5th June, 3rd July, 7th August, 4th September (2014 Summer dates)


Aircraft Research Association, Manton Lane, Manton Industrial Estate, Bedford MK41 7PF

Archery (includes Crossbows) on the field outside from 7PM.

Men at Arms training will be from 8-10PM. Please bring both indoor and outdoor footwear as we will use the outdoor field if light and weather is suitable.

The is ample car parking on site and full toilet facilities

Cost: £3 per person per session. MSS membership required.


TOURNAMENT STUD (typically a Saturday or Sunday 10:30 – 4pm)


Tournament Stud training sessions are a mixture of archery, combat and great fun. Typically, they will start with a morning of field archery, and men at arms workshops looking at 15th C combat.

Following a break for lunch, we move to a twenty acre wood for a skirmish! Joint teams of archers and men at arms hunt each other down. Its a tactical battle of skill, woodsmanship and stamina.

Once described by a Companye member as “More fun than should be legally allowed!”. Have a look at the sort of thing we get up to here:





BUCKINGHAM (Monthly, Wednesday Evenings 8pm – 10pm)

Next 2014 Training Dates: 24th September, 22nd October, 12th November, 10th December 

When the winter draws in and the days get shorter we use Buckingham Scout Hut for men at arms training indoors.

Directions; Proceed to the bottom of Adams Close, the scout hut is at the end behind a chain link fence.

Brixworth Centre, BRIXWORTH (Monday 8pm – 10pm)

20120917-120816.jpgThis is a new training venue, and is now up and running on a monthly basis. Indoors and weatherproof, we’ll will focus on individual combat as well as battlefield combat.

For the list of training dates see Events


Newcomers to Medieval Longsword are encouraged to read the following before starting training with the Companye:

Western Sword Primer

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