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Northants Post Re-enactors Market Social Gathering (Sat 16th March)

“Friends, Romans, Harringtons – lend me your beers!” – John “Bulldozer” Orrell*


On saturday 16th March, The Harrington Companye will be visiting The Original Re-enactors Market ( during the day for some badly needed retail therapy.

Afterwards, we will be retiring to The George Public House in Brixworth ( to reflect on the damage inflicted on our bank balance, and (with luck) the damage inflicted on Welsh national Rugby pride by the England Rugby team.

Watch Phil cry into his daffodils!

Thrill to the sight of KOF crying into her shamrocks!

Laugh at the spectacle of Ant getting excited and waking the baby up much to Lenette’s annoyance!

Will hopefully include live presentation of large wooden spoon to Jo “Token French for the night given the clue is in the name” Amies. Followed shortly by a colonoscopy on Lord Wolfage with said large spoon.

If you are interested in the Medieval Siege Society, or just fancy a fun night out then let us know!

Look for us from about 5pm onwards.

Food is available in the pub, though there is also a chip shop nearby if cash is short.


See you there!



*Yes I know it was Jammy’s whisky, but it doesn’t quite scan the same way!



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