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News – January skirmish date & Location announced


The companye are delighted to announce that the January 2015 woodland skirmish will be on Saturday January 17th.

Location will be at Tournament Stud in Northants, For directions see here.

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December Skirmish Results


After a fantastic days woodland combat at the Naseby location, here are results and awarded titles. Scoring was using the Harrington standard scoring system, with the Dispatch Runner, Take and Hold, Base Capture, and Deathmatch  game types being played throughout the day.

GREATEST WARRIOR (accrued tactical points)
Ant F : 11 pts
Peter B : 11pts

Dale M: 10 pts
Marcus : 10 pts
Howard M : 10 Pts

Alan H: 9 pts
Nick H: 9 pts

Tony H: 8 pts

Jo A: 7 pts
Alec J: 7 pts
Lee L: 7 pts
Pete W: 7 pts
Stan B: 7 pts

Mark S: 6 pts
Sarah H: 6 pts

DEADLIEST WARRIOR (total bodycount)
Alec J: 13
Alan H: 11
Nick H: 7
Stan B: 7
Tony H: 7
Ant F: 6
Howard M: 5
Pete W: 4
Dale M: 3
Mark S: 2
Sarah H: 1
Pete B: 1
Marcus: 0

KILLING SPREE (Most Kills in one game)
Alan H: 4, game type = Take and Hold

SURVIVALIST (longest continuous number of games survived)
Dale M, Sarah H: 4 games.

Special mention to Howard, who uses all the camoflage techniques he knows at this time of year. Many a base was defended by him being dug in nearby ready to knife the unsuspecting..

Howard in Ambush mode

Howard lying in wait for unsuspecting enemies..

Thanks to all those that took part, it was a great day, and in our opinion this stuff is the most difficult and authentic 15th C combat in re-enactment. Any kind of score on any of the Key Performance Indicators is something to be proud of 🙂
Tournament Stud have just agreed to let use their site in Janary, plus a weekend next May so watch this space

In the meantime, enjoy some Christmas cheer with a little clip of Dale returning a captured flag, Kate Bush style…

Nodo Firmo, baby.

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