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Article – “If the start of the Wars of the Roses was a school”

by Mike Ingram, Resident Historian
If the start of the Wars of the Roses was a school..

Richard of York wants to sit on the top table.
He has a strop and blames teacher’s pet Somerset.
Richard, egged on by his cousin Warwick, beats Somerset up.
Henry, the teacher goes sick and the supply teacher puts Richard on the top table.
Henry comes back and Richard is put to the bottom of the class
Henry makes Richard shake hands with the top table
Richard gets all his friends together at his house. The top table gathers their friends
The top table tries to beat up Richards’s best friend as he goes to Richards’s house.
Richard and his friends are confronted by the top table and their friends outside Richard’s house
Some of Richard’s friends are afraid of a detention and go and join the top table.
Richard, his cousin and best friend run away. They are excluded from school.
Richard and his cousin come back and beat up all the top table.

Richard his cousin and best friend are the only ones sitting on the top table now

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January Skirmish Results


After a fantastic days woodland combat at the Tournament Stud location, here are results and awarded titles. Scoring was using the Harrington standard scoring system, with the Bomb Capture, Take and Hold, and Deathmatch  game types being played throughout the day.

GREATEST WARRIOR (accrued tactical points)

Name Role Household Score
Alec J MAA Harrington 20
Stan Combat Archer Harrington 17
Tony H MAA Harrington 17
Ant F Archer / MAA Harrington 16
Adrian F Archer / MAA Harrington 16
Corin B MAA Harrington 15
KOF Archer Harrington 14
Phil D MAA Harrington 11
 Wibble  Archer  Harrington  11


DEADLIEST WARRIOR (total bodycount)
Stan B: 10
Alec J: 8
Tony H: 8
Adrian F: 7
Ant F: 6
Phil D: 6
KOF: 2
Wibble: 2
Corin B: 1

KILLING SPREE (Most Kills in one game)

Alec J: 3, game type = Take and Hold (3 man lance)

SURVIVALIST (longest continuous number of games survived)
KOF, Corin: 5 games.

Special mention to Corin, who was awarded bonus points for stealing Stan’s bow mid game!

Thanks to all those that took part, it was a great day, and in our opinion this stuff is the most difficult and authentic 15th C combat in re-enactment. Any kind of score on any of the Key Performance Indicators is something to be proud of 🙂
Tournament Stud have just agreed to let use their site for a weekend next May so watch this space


Nodo Firmo, baby.

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