Where To Buy

The following is intended as a guide to newcomers to the Companye. You don’t have to get everything at once, and you can still train, but to attend events you will require a basic level of soft kit.

Below is a matrix of whom members of the Companye have obtained their equipment from. You should make your own judgement before purchase.

Normally, the better the product the longer the lead time – though this is not always the case. UK armourers do unfortunately have a reputation for taking your money, quoting short lead times and delivering months after the initially quoted lead time. You should take care to strike a deal that suits you and agree a delivery window. If the supplier fails to deliver then keep a record of contacts, and what was agreed between you and when. Do not be afraid to use social media to let the world (i.e. other potential customers)  know of the problems you are having – this tends to have the desired effect of refocusing the supplier back to his original commitment, but as with anything you place in the public domain DO be sure to stick to the facts.

This list is work in progress, and is being expanded over time. Links will take you direct to the items on the suppliers page.

MEN (Soft Kit):

Item Budget Mid Price Best/High Quality
BootsThe first item you should purchase.  Thigh length boots were really only for riding, so unless you can justify this then it’s better to go for knee length boots at most.Be warned that some boots will interfere with lower leg armour so you may wish to switch to ankle boots if you graduate to leg harness over time.


Get Dressed for Battle Phil Fraser (Link) Andy Burke (Link)
Andy Burke – cement lasted (Link)
HoseBy the mid 15th C, split hose were rarely seen, and those that did exist were more complete than the earlier version which rose to a point.Joined hose are the thing, but unless made properly they may not survive the rigours of combat.

Some vendors get around this by making them baggier – but then they lose the correct medieval silhouette and reflect earlier garments. The additional material can also snag leg harness.


The Historic Enterprises ones are worth the additional outlay.

Sally Green (Link)NB. We have found these unsuitable for combat as they rarely last more than two events. Cloak and Daggered (Link) Historic Enterprises (Link)
Shirt Sally Green (Link) Phil Fraser (Link) Historic Enterprises (Link)
BraiesEssential if wearing split hose, try and avoid the earlier ‘Stanley Matthew’s’ types , 15th C braies resemble smaller briefs.  

Otherwise optional with joined hose (if a member of the public asks to check then we think you’ve pulled)

Phil Fraser (link) Historic Enterprises (link)
Doublet Sally Green (link) Cloak’d and Doublet (link) Historic Enterprises (link)
Livery Coat Sally Green (link) Debbie Lough
Cheri Salter Historic Enterprises (link)
Belt Get Dressed for Battle Phil Fraser (link) Mark SalterHistoric Enterprises
Hat Phil Fraser (link) Kat’s Hats
Historic Enterprises (link)
Pouch Get Dressed for Battle Phil Fraser (link)Phil’s pouches are machine stitched, but otherwise excellent. Mark Salter
Water container Cheri SalterWill do you a linen cover to put over a plastic water bottle





Item Budget Mid Price Best/High Quality

Acceptable Mid 15th types include Sallet (& bevor), Barbute, Armet, Kettle Helm.

Bellows faced sallet is late 15th C.

Get dressed for battle Ryall Armouries
Armour Services Historical (link)
Best Armour
St Georges Armoury (link)
Breast Plate

Does not have to include backplate, faulds and tassets.

Ryall Armouries
Armour Services Historical (link)
Best Armour
St Georges Armoury (link)

Typically two types, mitten and fingered.

Fingered offer less ‘impact’ protection’  than mittens, but greater manoeuvrability for  weapon use.

Lancaster Armouries Armour Services Historical (link)Made to measure
Revencrest Best ArmourMade to measure
Medieval Supplies St Georges Armoury (link)Made to measure
Padded Jack Get dressed for Battle Cloak’ed and Daggered (link) Medieval RATSMade to measure, some stock
Phil Fraser
Spear Head

Be aware of MSS edge thickness and point requirements.

Get dressed for battle Bucknell Forge Heron Armoury
Spear Shaft Les Nash (Vectis Arms) Justin. Contact within the Companye
Arming SwordThis is a single handed sword. Be aware of MSS edge thickness and point requirements. Heron Armoury  Munitions’ Range (link) Heron Armoury Type A (link)
Kovex-Ars St George’s Armoury (link)
BucklerCan vary in size. Shape can also vary from a round shield to the gothic hook type shown in Talhoffer. Get dressed for Battle Phil Fraser (link) Armour Services Historical (link)
Dagger Ravencrest Tods’ Stuff
Heron Armoury Type A (link)
Scabbards for the above Phil Fraser (link)Phil’s scabbards are machine stitched, but otherwise excellent. Mark Salter


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