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Event Review – Big Harrington Weekend II

The Companye has returned from our March weekend away, where we blew off the winter cobwebs and prepared for the season ahead. It was to be an archery tournament, combat and much more! We were joined by some allies, the House of Bayard, Suffolk Swords, and De Cobhams.


The main draw for many was the archery, however some of the Companye’s living history band were putting the apothecary’s new alembic through its paces before the season starts.

The Alembic

The alembic is an early form of still. It separates substances from a liquid mixture through boiling then condensation. The process has been used to distill fragrant oils for perfumery during antiquity, make fruit brandies in the Middle Ages and alcohol for consumption starting from the 15th century.

This time we were distilling rosemary oil from the plant. Handfuls of rosemary needles, some water, a seal made from bread paste to stop steam escaping between the top and bottom of the alembic gave us 400ml of rosemary hydrosol (rosemary water). 

The next step will be to run this through the alembic another few times. Rain prevented us from doing this the second day at FairPlay but it will be continued at home so we know how many runs it takes to get a higher percentage of oil. 

Now we’re sure we’ve got the alembic working well, we’ll be using it at events to make the oils and scented waters that were part of a medieval apothecary’s stock or components of other products such as room scents, medicines and cosmetics.


A new year, and a new opportunity to win the coveted Archer of Wolfage Manor trophy and title. Scores from this weekend will go towards this which will be contested throughout the year. This weekend’s course was two rounds of 9, with all three arrows scoring. After two days shooting – and much enjoyment – the scores were as follows.

No bears were harmed in the making of this photo. Including the bare patch in his hair – Editor


1James S.Cobham / Harrington370Adult Longbow
2Pete Bal.Harrington325Adult Longbow
3Tom C.Harrington285Adult Longbow
4Alex C.Harrington265Adult Longbow
5Chris D.Cobham/Harrington235Adult Longbow
6StanBayard200Adult Longbow
7Marcus B.Harrington170Best Sexy Boots 2022
8Edward F.Harrington140Junior Crossbow (supervised)
9The Almighty KOFHarrington125Adult Longbow
10=Arthur T.Harrington120Adult Longbow
10=Ninja PeteHarrington120The Green Team
11Alex F.Harrington105Junior Longbow
12Phil D.Harrington100Best Jumper winner 2022
13=Ant F.Harrington95Note: withdrew to do childcare (no really)
13=Gary F.Cobham95Ultramarines
13=Treebeard (Chris)Bayard95Big Friendly Bayard (BFB)
14Guy H.Harrington75Adult Longbow
15SarahBayard50Adult Longbow
16=Steph B.Harrington30Adult Longbow
16=Dan L.Harrington30Baby eating Bishop of Bath and Wells
17Jess D.Harrington25Adult Longbow
18Racheal P. Harrington25Ginge


As well as the sound of targets bring struck by arrows, there was an opportunity to do combat and the woods resonated to the clash of steel.

All in all it was a great weekend, fantastic opportunity to socialise and train as this wonderful site.

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