Armour Weighting for Skirmishes & Competitive Combat Circles

Below are the current armour weightings. It is typically not an exhaustive list, as an individual may present for assessment with a combination we have not seen yet. In those instances, the RTO will make a judgement call, which will be ratified later by the wider RTO population  and added to this list.

Level 1 (1 Hit Point)

Minimum Safety equipment(Jack/helmet/stout gloves)Stout Leather armour comes in this category

Level 2 (2 Hit Points)

As Level 1 above plus Either:

A) Maille Shirt – maille on body trunk and at least upper arms

B) plate arms (spaulders, elbow, lower canon)

C) plate breastplate/brigandine

D) plate legs / knee cops

E) Plackart plus spaulders and upper legs.

Note: Plackart rule updated July 2018. It shall only elevate an individual to level 2 if worn in conjunction with other armour. Otherwise it is considered minimum safety equipment (level 1). Plackarts will not qualify an individual to level 3. 

Level 3 – Half Harness (3 Hit Points)

Must comprise:

– Helmet

– Plate breastplate / Brigandine

– plate arms (at least spaulders and gauntlets)

– plate legs (at least plate thighs and knee cops)


Level 4 – Full Harness (4 Hit Points)

Must Comprise:

– Helmet

– Fully enclosed plate legs, MUST include rear of greaves (sabatons optional)

– Fully enclosed plate arms including gauntlets

– Back and breastplate, or Brigandine plus plackart

Note: Combatants at level 4 or higher may ignore any hits from a dagger (defined as under 19 inches) as it is considered ineffectual against this armour level. 


Level 5 – Full Harness+ (5 Hit Points)

Must Comprise:

– Helmet

– Fully enclosed plate legs (sabatons optional)

– Fully enclosed plate arms including gauntlets

– Back and breastplate, or Brigandine plus plackart

– Maille Voiders

– Maille Skirt / Braies

– Maille Standard / gorget / bevor


Captain of Arms or Lead RTO Decision is final on presenting for assessment at start of combat.

Following a “good hit” to a valid target area, the individual will reduce their hit point level by one, until they hit zero and are bested. A good hit is defined as one which has lethal character – ie. it looks to an audience that is part of real combat but is in fact landed with minimum force to a valid target area with the safety of the adversary in mind.

July 2018 Update:

We are currently play testing a variant whereby to reduce hit points down an attacker must move from one target area to another following a good hit. This is to prevent ‘drum rolling’ of invalid hits and for visual effect.

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