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Result – Harrington Archery contest


Members of the Companye out in the woods enjoying themselves on an autumnal afternoon

The Title of Harrington Archery Champion was fiercely contested at the beautiful Hazelborough Forest today.

The course was two rounds of thirteen challenging targets, with the best score from each round being submitted. Archers shoot a single arrow from each peg, with the first arrow to hit the target being used for scoring (and weighted accordingly)

After two rounds, The Results were as follows:

NAME (Household) Score

Stan (Harrington) 156
Viv (Hazelborough Archers) 134
Ant F (Harrington) 128
Alison (Guest)122
Corin (Harrington) 110
Howard (Hazelborough Archers) 96
Pete Br (Harrington) 98
Pete B (Harrington) 80
Lenette (Harrington) 62
Cheri (Harrington) 46
Mark (Harrington) 26
Jo (Harrington) 20

Accordingly, Stan is awarded the trophy and title of Master Archer of Wolfage Manor

All in all it was a thoroughly enjoyable day, which also featured Mark S in fine form. He has been nicknamed the “EntSlayer” for his amazing ability to hit trees…


“Take that Treebeard!”


“For the White Hand!”


“Oh look – another one!”

We’d like to thank the fantastic catering team who laid on hot teas, and bacon butties all day. It wouldn’t be the same without you!

Next up, the Companye Banquet, and December skirmish..

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Event Review – Hazelborough Archery Shoot


The Companye had a great Bank Holiday shoot at Hazelborough Forest.
The course was a woodland based shoot of 13 targets, with the final one being a special novelty shoot (more on that later).
The sun shone upon the righteous, and Peter and Corin had been out early the day before preparing the targets. After arriving to find the kettle on the boil and bacon rolls done to a turn, we started the course for a first round.
This was when the swearing started.
The course was a mixture of short and medium range targets, each one with three different marker pegs – the idea being that you have to move between in shot and resposition. This is far more useful to us medieval archers are rarely when shooting at people in the woods do you get the opportunity to stay in one place long enough for a second or even third shot!
Some targets were easier than others but all were great fun and frustrating in equal measures 🙂
After the first twelve targets, we arrived at target thirteen.
Behold, It was a flying pig.
There is a video of this fiendish beast below..

After all missing this with the one arrow we were allowed we broke for lunch in the sunshine and contemplated the round and where we could improve.
Ant went and got his crossbow..
The second round was equally enjoyable, some scores improved, others fell as people’s arms were increasingly tired. At last we came back to the flying pig shoot.
This time, John hit it! However, on inspection he had failed to hit the actual scoring area of the target and had drilled his arrow through a 1 inch gap between the head and the wings. Incredibly unlucky, but thats the rules!
Final Placings (best round submitted) were as follows:

First – Nicky (LongBow)
Second – Ant (Crossbow)
Third – Corin (Longbow)
Note: yet to be verified.

We’d like to thank Peter and his coaches for setting up the course, the wonderful instruction, and of course the food!

It was a great day and we’ll definitely be doing this again.


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Winter Castle Archery Shoots Announced



Open to non-mss members. 

The Medieval Siege Society’s Clout shoots for Longbows and medieval Crossbows takes place at a variety of castle locations.

24th November – Layer Marney Tower, Essex

8th December – Hedingham Castle, Essex

5th January – Bodiam Castle, East Sussex

9th Feb – Venue to be announced shortly

2nd March – Venue to be announced shortly

Registration is at 10am, Sighters will be at 10.30 a.m. and each shoot is expected to finish at about 4.30pm. Choose between three clouts to suit all abilities and bow strengths at 80, 110 and 150 paces, plus a junior clout at about 40 paces for smaller competitors.

Prizes for highest scoring will be awarded according to entry.

The entry fee will be £6 for adults and £3 for under 18s. Non-MSS members welcome.

Since we don’t know what the weather will be like, medieval and modern dress are equally welcome.

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