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Event Review – Hazelborough Archery Shoot March 2015

Rob with his Kill

Rob skewers Hissing Sid


This weekend the Companye took part in MSS Archery Training, which took place at the splendid Hazelborough Forest, near Silverstone. The event was hosted by Whittlebury Forest Archery Club, who provided the course, and expert coaches.

Despite dire warnings, portents and omens, The weather held off, and it was great to see people improving under the expert tuition provided by WFAC. Hopefully we will run this again soon.

Today was about improving people’s archery, but for completeness the scorecards submitted are below. Scores were across 24 targets, with the best of three arrows on each counting highest (shot from different pegs):


Arrow Kill Wound
First 20 16
Second 14 10
Third 8 4


Name Household Score
Viv Whittlebury Forest Archery Club 210
Nicky F. Whittlebury Forest Archery Club 196
Mike P. Windrush Bowmen 156
Lenette W. Harrington Companye 114
Keith A. Independent 104
Howard Whittlebury Forest Archery Club 90
Phil D. Captain Haddock’s Own Marine Commissariat* 86
Anthony F. Harrington Companye 72
Rob A. Harrington Companye 52
Carol A. Independent 44
Alison H. Harrington Companye 28
Julian Company of the Silver Arrow 8**

Captain Haddock

*Note: This is what happens when you have a beard and wear a greatcoat

Julian should not be too downheartened however, as he still managed to hit the fearsome Target 13 – The Flying Pig!

A number of people who also attended didn’t submit scorecards, no matter – as long as arrows were going in the right direction and we had fun that’s all that matters!

It was an excellent days shooting, a relaxed warmup before the season starts proper next week at Hedingham Castle. Many a twig & branch cowered before the might of the English Longbow, much cursing and swearing was in evidence when said twig stopped the arrow finding its target!


The highlight of the day however, was Nicky from WFAC who inspired by this week’s top news story in Closer Magazine decided to find a tree of her own…


These modern women, eh? (Do you mind, this is a family friendly group!!?? – Editor)

Thanks to WFAC for the coaches, the laying on the use of the course and the refreshments; and Tony H, Peter and Corin for setting up/packdown.

And so, to Hedingham Castle. The winter is over, the Companye are trained and ready to embark from Wolfage Manor upon our campaign once more…

Nodo Firmo, baby.

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