Naseby Combat Training & Skirmish Sep 2019 – Review and Results


The Companye men at arms training day took place at our Naseby training location. It was an action packed day, covering a variety of disciplines, and culminating in a classic woodland skirmish.

First, we spent some time looking at footwork, agility, stance, and how to read an opponents move from the pressure they apply during a technique – be it fisticuffs or full on weapons.

Then onto individual combat and for some a spot of Morris dancing ??!!

Then, onto group combat, where we train to fight as a unit of mixed weapons.

It was great to test out some new formations and ideas, as well as practising tried and tested ones. Then there was a short break for a fashion parade over lunch.

The Jumper

“But I thought everyone wore a jumper to the woods? Oh no it’s not posh. I mean, this only came from M&S y’know. I only wear the Fortnum & Mason one to the Battle of Barnet. Which reminds me, have I mentioned this to you today?”

Then, it was SKIRMISH TIME BABY!!!


And, after a fantastic days woodland combat in the autumnal foliage at the Naseby location, here are the results and awarded titles. As mentioned it was a shorter than normal skirmish as we spent a full morning and some of the afternoon on general combat training and battlefield formation training. However, we managed to fit in a few games as the afternoon wore to a close!

Scoring was using the Harrington standard scoring system, with the Bomb Run, Take and HoldDispatch Runner  game types being played throughout the day.


Key Performance indicator: Accrued Tactical Points

Rank Name Household  Tactical Points
1 Arthur T. Harrington 10
2 Ant F. Harrington 8
3 Phil D. Harrington 8
4 Matt C. Harrington 7
5 James H. Harrington 6
6 Sarah H. Harrington 4
7 Alex C. Harrington 4
8 Kathleen D. Harrington 3
9 Dave S. Guest 3
10 Spencer H. Harrington 2
11 Nobby Styles Guest 2
12 Dan B. Harrington 2
13 Tom C. Harrington 2
14 Nicky F. Harrington 2
15 Corin B. Harrington 1
16 Steph B. Harrington 1
17 Sam C. Harrington 1


Key Performance Indicator: Most Kills

For the first time we have a tie of five people at the top! So it must have been a very even day all round!

Name Household Kills
Matt C. Harrington 5
Tom C. Harrington 5
Phil D. Harrington 5
James H. Harrington 5
Ant F. Harrington 5
Corin B. Harrington 3
Sam C. Harrington 2
Kathleen D. Harrington 2
Sarah H. Harrington 2
Spencer H. Harrington 2
Arthur T. Harrington 2

KILLING SPREE (Most Kills in one game)

Not awarded – Highest was two, which quite a few folks made so on balance we think unfair to award this this time around.

SURVIVALIST (longest continuous number of games survived)
Ant F. : 4 games.


Thanks to all those that took part, it was a great day, and in our opinion this stuff is the most difficult and authentic 15th C combat in re-enactment. Any kind of score on any of the Key Performance Indicators is something to be proud of🙂

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