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Naseby Woodland Skirmish December 2019 – Review and Results

‘Tis the season for woodland folly…



Throwing “Le Bomb”…!

The Companye men at arms training day took place at our Naseby training location. It was an action packed day of skirmishing, at this time of year the winter gloom casts long shadows through the woods, but as the leaves are now fully down, there was a lot less cover than when we were last there in September!


Scoring was using the Harrington standard scoring system, with the Bomb Run, Take and HoldDispatch Runner  game types being played throughout the day.


Key Performance indicator: Accrued Tactical Points

Rank Name Household Score
1 David H. Harrington 29
2 James H. Harrington 20
3 Matt C. Harrington 18
4 Welly W. Grizzled Cobham Veterans 14
5 Sam C. Harrington 13
6 Dan B. Harrington 13
7 Marcus B. Harrington 12
8 Arthur T. Harrington 11
9 Roy B. Harrington 11
10 Steph B. Harrington 9
11 Ant F. Harrington 7
12 Peter B. Harrington 5


Key Performance Indicator: Most Kills

Rank Name Household Bodycount
1 James H. Harrington 13
2 David H. Harrington 8
3 Arthur T. Harrington 7
4 Ant F. Harrington 6
5 Matt C. Harrington 6
6 Dan B. Harrington 5
7 Sam C. Harrington 4
8 Roy B. Harrington 3
9 Steph B. Harrington 2
10 Welly W. Grizzled Cobham Veterans 1
11 Marcus B. Harrington 0
12 Pete B. Harrington 0

James had a fantastic day in the woods, congratulations.

KILLING SPREE (Most Kills in one game)

James H. –  4, during a Take and Hold game type.

SURVIVALIST (longest continuous number of games survived)
Matt C. : 6 games. Rumours he then went off and did photos in order to protect this streak are of course highly scurrilous accusations and he will see you in court. Allegedly.


Thanks to all those that took part, it was a great day, and in our opinion this stuff is the most difficult and authentic 15th C combat in re-enactment. Any kind of score on any of the Key Performance Indicators is something to be proud of🙂

We shall be back there in the new year, where we should hopefully be joined by some friends and allies for fun in the woods! (Editor – is that legal?) 

Onwards to the Banquet.

Have a wonderful Christmas, and a peaceful new year.

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