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Results – Hazelborough Archery Shoot Oct 2017

safest mole

“The safest mole in Christendom”

Results from today’s shoot at Hazelborough
Corin B. (Harringtons /WFAC) 278
Nicky F. (WFAC) 230
Kyle A. (ind.) 158
Tony H. (Harrington’s) 152
Ben G. (Bayards) 144
Chloe M. (Harringtons / WFAC) 128
Keith A. (ind.) 112
Mark S. (Harringtons) 112
Lenette W. (Harringtons) 98
Paul M. (WFAC) 96
Kathleen D. (Harringtons) 96
Marcus B. (Harringtons) 96
Anthony F. (Harringtons) 94
Steph B. (Harringtons) 62
Mrs Jessica B. (Harringtons) 54
Carol A. (ind.) 48
Arthur T. (Harringtons) 38
Sam C. (Harringtons) 26
Cheri S. (Harringtons) 18

Scoring was over 24 targets using three arrows on each target, with the first arrow on target placing.
1st arrow – 20 kill 16 wound
2nd arrow – 14 kill 10 wound
3rd arrow – 8 kill 4 wound
Thanks to WFAC for the use of their course and targets, the catering, and to everyone who came and enjoyed themselves.

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