Calling all Men at Arms!

So, you’re a good man at arms.

You’ve fought with the best, stood toe to toe in the battle line, perhaps even won the odd tourney.

Archers? They’re just those insignificant types that occasionally drop the odd arrow on your head.

Aren’t they..?

Let us open your eyes to an alternative type of combat.

Picture, if you will, an autumn morning. A mist lies over the fields and you are glad of your watchman’s cloak.

You have been assigned a package that must be taken through enemy lines and delivered safely into friendly hands.

Up ahead lies over nine acres of woodland, swarming with archers and men at arms that want turn you into pincushion and bury your bloodied corpse under a thicket.

How much armour will you take? It will afford you some extra protection, but how much will it slow you down? Can you really run in it? That trusty bill is lethal at range, but will it work amongst trees? How much will the telltale glint from your buckler give you away?

What you take is ultimately up to you – but have you made the right choice?

Only time will tell.

Entering the wood you start your mission.

Crawling through the undergrowth on your hands on knees, you pull yourself over a log and haul yourself upright looking for a way through the trees.

Suddenly, you freeze as an arrow whips past scattering leaves from a branch close to your head. Frantically, your eyes widly search for its source and with dread you spot up ahead an archer hidden beneath a cloak – and reloading rapidly. Just when you think it can’t get any worse a swordsman leaps down from a tree loudly calling for the other soldiers. Instantly, the wood comes alive, a cacophony of noise from all directions of men at arms & archers all closing in on your position.


There’s no way back.

You need to close at lungbusting speed, kill the enemy swordsman, dispatch the archer – all the while hoping you don’t get an arrow in the guts for your trouble.

So, still think you’re a good man at arms…?

Are you REALLY sure?

Time to prove it.

MSS Woodland Skirmishes Autumn 2015.

Do you have what it takes..?


October 4th (Tournament Stud)

November 21st (Hedingham Castle)

December 12th (Naseby)

Winter programme to follow..

Cost: £5 members, £7 non members

War in a Winter Wonderland

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