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Event Review – Old Sarum 2015


On the early May Bank Holiday, a number of the Companye attended the joint MSS & Wars of the Roses Federation event at Old Sarum in Wiltshire. This was the first time we had been there since our event back in 2013.

We thought we would give a slightly different review this time. Below are some experiences from a new and long standing member of the Companye.

“As a new member to the MSS and the Harrington Companye, I would like to write a review of my first event at Old Sarum. This was a fantastic weekend, I thoroughly enjoyed it! Great company, terrific re-enactment, superb food and well laid out and organised Living History camp. Thanks to Izzy for the loan of the Companye dress. As a non-combatant spectator, I assisted English Heritage with the border ropes and it was very satisfying to hear the public enjoy themselves so much, they loved it. I took time out to take some photos of the encounter, which was brilliant. Thank you so much to the Harrington Companye for welcoming into your group, and I’m thoroughly looking forward to the next event.” – New Harrington Companye member Jean McD. 

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“Well, I have had a great weekend at Old Sarum and it has been a buffet of culinary delights (and some not-so-delights).

“Alison, your medieval pottage went down a treat. Isabella and Jean thanks for keeping me fed and full of much needed morning tea. Adrian the experimental chef… great at eggs but should be kept away from oat based desserts. Kevin, your sausage cooking skills are…singular and Kathleen – excellent hot sticky balls!” – Jess D.


“I spread most of my time evenly between being a traitor….flirting with women…misbehaving in the archery displays and not doing as I was told…. and eating of course! Great event though and wonderful place…highly recommended” – Stan

Our members clearly had a great time, and hopefully English Heritage will allow us to return to this splendid site again next year!

Next event for the Companye is The Tournament at Delapre Abbey. Planning is already afoot for our showpiece event of the year – don’t miss it!


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