Calling all Archers!

Calling all archers!

So, you’re a good archer.

You can hit a target consistently, your stance is good, maybe you’ve even won a few shoots.

Now, imagine yourself in a dense wood.The brown leaves are falling, the autumn gloom casts eerie shadows all around you. You’re picking your way through the undergrowth, trying not to snag your bow on the branches. Every rustle of leaves under your feet sounds like a thunderclap in the dim stillness. Your bow is strung, and you’ve an arrow on the string.
Somewhere out there, is the enemy…Ducking under a tree branch, you notice movement up ahead, a man at arms breaks cover. He’s closing at a speed of 7 yards a second and weaving. You draw your bow when suddenly a bush shakes close by – he’s not alone! You need to drop the first man, then nock, draw & loose at the second target all in a matter of seconds before he takes you down.

Still think you’re a good archer…?

Are you REALLY sure?

Time to prove it.

MSS Woodland Skirmishes Christmas 2015.

The Ultimate Test.


October 4th

November 21st

December 12th

Cost: £5 members, £7 non members

Because Foam Targets don’t fight back.

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