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June Skirmish – Final Leaderboard


Below is the final leaderboard for the June 2014 Skirmish. Congratulations to Alec of the Harrington Companye!

Name Household Bodycount
Alec J. Harrington Companye 14
Alan H.** Harrington Companye 14
Dan Blood Axe 11
Stan B. Harrington Companye 11
Ant F** Harrington Companye 8
Peter B Harrington Companye 7
Nick H. Harrington Companye 7
Eddie Blood Axe 6
BishBash Independent 6
Wibble Harrington Companye 5
Lenette W. Harrington Companye 5
Dale M. Harrington Companye 5
Jake B. Harrington Companye 5
Corin B. Harrington Companye 5
Sam Blood Axe 4
Adrian F. Harrington Companye 4
Sarah H. Harrington Companye 3
Kevin Harrington Companye 3
Lorraine Blood Axe 2
Jammy B. Harrington Companye 2
Lee L. Harrington Companye 1
Bernie Blood Axe 1
Roy Harrington Companye 1
Alison Harrington Companye 1
Jo Harrington Companye 1
Cheri S. Harrington Companye 0
Michael Independent 0
Phil Harrington Companye 0

** Game Marshall for some games so did not contest every game.

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It’s Skirmish Time!!


Harrington_ArcheryThe Summer Solstice Skirmish showdown is here!


This Saturday 21st, join the Companye for a full fun packed day of hand to hand combat and REAL medieval combat archery (ie flat shooting!) at the Tournament Stud Skirmish Site.

We will be running a number of games, primarily Dispatch Runner, Take and Hold, and the ever popular Bomb Run.


Cost will be £7 for the day. Registration will be at 10:30, with basic combat & archery assessments about 11. After lunch we will be heading into the woods. Bring stout footwear, and we suggest old clothes as you might not want to see what the forest can do to your carefully hand stitched expensive clothing when charging around through the woods. There is water on site, but you will need to bring your own lunch.

If you have not been to the site below, you can follow the map below to reach registration. Point A is the NN13 5TR sat nav location (according to google), the entrance to the site is a small sign as the road bends (shown with a white and blue box below). Follow the entrance in, and once through the metal gate take the track to the right across the field, through the gap in the hedges and into the main event field. We will be basing ourselves here for the day before proceeding to the wood.

Ts Direction map


MSS Skirmish rules apply – full details below.

MSS Skirmish Rules Sep 2013

The level of armour you wear will determine the amount of hits you can take before being eliminated from each game. Details of the current armour weightings can be found here.


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