Goodrich Drawbridge Shot

Sir William Harrington’s Companye is a private members club. More importantly, it is a group of friends and we jealously work hard to protect that for the good of all. 

Membership of the household will be at the invitation of the Captain, but we welcome talent.

Applicants can apply for probationary membership, which usually lasts a full year. If after that time – you decide that we are for you, and we decide that you are for us – then you will be indentured into full membership.

There is a set of guiding principles that we steer the Companye by – these will be discussed with you on application. We aim for a reasonable standard of living history within the encampment, our clothing, and with our battlefield equipment. This is a condition of the Companye.


Probationary members must wear black livery. Once indentured into the full Companye you will be granted the right to emblazon your livery with the Harrington Knot. Vintners may wear the Chess Rook Gules, and the White Lion is reserved for our Knights.


We absolutely welcome female applicants – surprisingly, women did exist in the 15th Century. There are some reasonable adjustments in place for authenticity purposes. Female members who are battlefield combatants should dress as men whilst on the battlefield. When in the living history encampment they must return to female costume.

This is as per the English Heritage requirement, and is not open for negotiation. If you consider this unfair, we’re probably not the right group for you.


Please also note our Camping Policy – which can be found here.


So, is it worth it..? Well, here’s what a few of our members say..

“The Harringtons are a great family friendly friendly medieval living history group . Focusing mainly on the Wars of the Roses period, they try to accurately portray a pioneer company. They have a great ‘work’ ethic and a fantastic team spirit . We have a three year old daughter who is as much a part of the group as the adults and everyone keeps a watchful eye on all the kids in the group”. – Mark S.

“We get to stay in some great castles and run our tournaments in some amazing places. It’s made even more fun by being in such a friendly and proactive group”. – Cheri S

“As a lover of history and a new comer to re-enactment I love being a member of the Harringtons. They are all friendly, welcoming and work well as a team. A great bunch of people who are always willing to pass on their knowledge to a new person and have the true spirit of the pioneer company they portray. Nodo Firmo!” – Kerin

 “Thank you and the rest of the Harrington Company for your hospitality last weekend. I was really impressed by the professionalism and character of everyone in the group and the quality of event seemed extremely high.” – Mark C.

“I joined the Harringtons and was amazed at what they did. My only concern was how to remove the rubber chicken.” – John G.

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