Sir William Harrington’s Companye

The Harrington Companye are an award winning 15th Century living history group based in Northamptonshire, but with wider membership across the land (currently Essex, Beds, Bucks, Cambs, Staffordshire, Derbyshire and South East London).

We portray the retinue of the Harrington family, the Lords of Wolfage Manor (Brixworth, Northants) and Hornby Castle. For detailed information on this branch of the Harrington’s and how they fit into the wider family have a read in the History section.

Draw close, the time has come, the Knot now tied stands firm. Though they come with horse and lance and stave we shall not break. Though the host comes in it’s thousands still will we stand. We are for our master of Harrington, and having been called to this field we will yield to no one other than our master and the rightful King. So, stand firm in the knowledge that the Knot will not break. This is England and on this field below this sky we will take the day, the battle and the glory. Kiss your sweetheart bow to the cross and cry, “For England, for the Harringtons and for glory!”



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