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Hazelborough Archery Shoot – October 2019

Clearly Harrington archery shoots are like buses. You don’t have any for ages and then two come along at once. 

This Sunday it was a traditional woodland field archery shoot, with our friends at WFAC.  A course of 24 targets, with three arrows at each, from different shooting positions.

Despite an overnight downpour, the weather cleared in time for the start, and after some splendid breakfast catering laid on by WFAC, into the woods and leaning into the bows! 

Sadly no crossbows due to forestry commission restrictions, but it was a closely contested competition for our longbow archers! 

Name Household Score
Mike P. Harrington  280
Nicky F. Harrington  266
Corin B. Harrington  232
Chris WFAC 230
Paul WFAC  191
Lenette W. Harrington  167
Cheri S. Harrington 110
Ant F. Harrington 108
Sam C. Harrington  104
Dave WFAC 96
KOF Harrington  86
Mark S. Harrington 84
Tom C. Harrington 82 
Stu  WFAC 80
Arthur T. Harrington 64

It was a great day in the woods, though archery is 10% shooting and 90% looking for your arrows


“So let me get this right, we are looking for a wooden stick, in a wood…?”

Though there is of course always time for a song and dance number!


“From now on, these eyes will not be blinded by the light…”

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