Game Venues

Skirmishes take place at a number of locations across the country. Like a Golf Course, each venue is different and brings its own flavour to each competitive event.


The original skirmish location for the Society, where the concept was pioneered and playtested.

An eight acre wood, featuring a sloped incline mid way through. Visibility is measured in metres in the summer, but in the winter can be a real Turkey shoot for the archers!


Directions to


The registration point is the layby adjacent to the Naseby Monument. To get here, find the church (which has postcode NN6 6DA) go left at the disused Fitzwilliam Arms public house and head out of the village. At the fork in the road, take the right fork and carry on, passing over the A14. Follow this road until you come to the Naseby Monument. The layby is on your left and is the registration point. The game arena is shown encircled in blue.



This site is a wooded location but has a number of glades linked by paths. This means units can quickly cover ground and flank enemies, but at the risk of leaving cover.

This site is exceptionally well suited to the Base Capture game as two bases can be set up with a no mans land of paths between them.


This private location is where we run our 48 hour games. Featuring 25 acres of woodland and fields, this location is totally flat but has a number of different areas to test skirmish units.

Occasionally we have hired a Tavern from the resident LARP group for evening merriment, and a full on Tavern Assault game!


Full website at

Tournament Stud
Syresham Fields Farm
NN13 5TR

Ts Direction map

The postcode will take you to point ‘A’ on the map above. As you leave the village to the east the entrance is located on your left as the road bends to the right. To reach the registration point, turn right just after entering the farm and follow the track across the fields and through a gap in the hedges to reach the second field. The registration point is in this field.


New for 2014 – but so popular we’ll be back!

We can only use this venue during the winter when the Castle is closed, but it is a wonderful location. The wooded area features a number of slopes which make game play challenging, as well as the real fortifications of a norman castle. I mean, what more do you want…??!!

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