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Naseby Combat Training & Skirmish Sep 2019 – Review and Results


The Companye men at arms training day took place at our Naseby training location. It was an action packed day, covering a variety of disciplines, and culminating in a classic woodland skirmish.

First, we spent some time looking at footwork, agility, stance, and how to read an opponents move from the pressure they apply during a technique – be it fisticuffs or full on weapons.

Then onto individual combat and for some a spot of Morris dancing ??!!

Then, onto group combat, where we train to fight as a unit of mixed weapons.

It was great to test out some new formations and ideas, as well as practising tried and tested ones. Then there was a short break for a fashion parade over lunch.

The Jumper

“But I thought everyone wore a jumper to the woods? Oh no it’s not posh. I mean, this only came from M&S y’know. I only wear the Fortnum & Mason one to the Battle of Barnet. Which reminds me, have I mentioned this to you today?”

Then, it was SKIRMISH TIME BABY!!!


And, after a fantastic days woodland combat in the autumnal foliage at the Naseby location, here are the results and awarded titles. As mentioned it was a shorter than normal skirmish as we spent a full morning and some of the afternoon on general combat training and battlefield formation training. However, we managed to fit in a few games as the afternoon wore to a close!

Scoring was using the Harrington standard scoring system, with the Bomb Run, Take and HoldDispatch Runner  game types being played throughout the day.


Key Performance indicator: Accrued Tactical Points

Rank Name Household  Tactical Points
1 Arthur T. Harrington 10
2 Ant F. Harrington 8
3 Phil D. Harrington 8
4 Matt C. Harrington 7
5 James H. Harrington 6
6 Sarah H. Harrington 4
7 Alex C. Harrington 4
8 Kathleen D. Harrington 3
9 Dave S. Guest 3
10 Spencer H. Harrington 2
11 Nobby Styles Guest 2
12 Dan B. Harrington 2
13 Tom C. Harrington 2
14 Nicky F. Harrington 2
15 Corin B. Harrington 1
16 Steph B. Harrington 1
17 Sam C. Harrington 1


Key Performance Indicator: Most Kills

For the first time we have a tie of five people at the top! So it must have been a very even day all round!

Name Household Kills
Matt C. Harrington 5
Tom C. Harrington 5
Phil D. Harrington 5
James H. Harrington 5
Ant F. Harrington 5
Corin B. Harrington 3
Sam C. Harrington 2
Kathleen D. Harrington 2
Sarah H. Harrington 2
Spencer H. Harrington 2
Arthur T. Harrington 2

KILLING SPREE (Most Kills in one game)

Not awarded – Highest was two, which quite a few folks made so on balance we think unfair to award this this time around.

SURVIVALIST (longest continuous number of games survived)
Ant F. : 4 games.


Thanks to all those that took part, it was a great day, and in our opinion this stuff is the most difficult and authentic 15th C combat in re-enactment. Any kind of score on any of the Key Performance Indicators is something to be proud of🙂

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Naseby Clout Shoot Sep 2019 – Review and Results


The Clout range, you can just about see the far flag.

A really enjoyable Sunday afternoon archery clout shoot at the Naseby Battlefield site.

Clout shooting is where the target is at the limit of your bow’s reach, and hence you are ‘arching’ and shooting at roughly 45 degrees in order to reach your target. The target is usually a flag, and scoring is obtained by an arrows distance from the flag,


The results, which will count towards the Archer of Wolfage Manor title, are:

BAYARD RANGE (Kids Target, 47 paces)

1 Alex F. 46
2 Edward F. 17

COBHAM RANGE ( Mid Range target, 84 paces)

1 Tom C. 63
2 Arthur T. 45
3 Steph B. 20
4 Sam C. 17
5 Lenette W. 16

DOUGLAS RANGE (Long range target, 112 paces)

1 Ant F. 35
2 Mark S. 20



1. Alex F.

2. Edward F.


1. Tom C.

2. Arthur T.

3. Ant F.

4. Steph B., Mark S.

5. Sam C.

6. Lenette W.


It was a really enjoyable day, some great shooting, and we were lucky with the weather until a downpour brought proceedings to a close.

Congratulations to our winners, and thanks to all those who took part.

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