Result – Harrington Archery contest


Members of the Companye out in the woods enjoying themselves on an autumnal afternoon

The Title of Harrington Archery Champion was fiercely contested at the beautiful Hazelborough Forest today.

The course was two rounds of thirteen challenging targets, with the best score from each round being submitted. Archers shoot a single arrow from each peg, with the first arrow to hit the target being used for scoring (and weighted accordingly)

After two rounds, The Results were as follows:

NAME (Household) Score

Stan (Harrington) 156
Viv (Hazelborough Archers) 134
Ant F (Harrington) 128
Alison (Guest)122
Corin (Harrington) 110
Howard (Hazelborough Archers) 96
Pete Br (Harrington) 98
Pete B (Harrington) 80
Lenette (Harrington) 62
Cheri (Harrington) 46
Mark (Harrington) 26
Jo (Harrington) 20

Accordingly, Stan is awarded the trophy and title of Master Archer of Wolfage Manor

All in all it was a thoroughly enjoyable day, which also featured Mark S in fine form. He has been nicknamed the “EntSlayer” for his amazing ability to hit trees…


“Take that Treebeard!”


“For the White Hand!”


“Oh look – another one!”

We’d like to thank the fantastic catering team who laid on hot teas, and bacon butties all day. It wouldn’t be the same without you!

Next up, the Companye Banquet, and December skirmish..

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