Event Review – Fairplay House Archery Shoot & Training Weekend

The Companye have returned from a really great weekend away at the Fairplay House activity centre who hosted us. It’s a great place, and a fantastic base for some autumn training. And we’ll admit it was rather nice not to have to pitch a tent in the dark after a friday evening drive (You’re getting old – Editor)

During the weekend we shoot a round of target archery which counts towards our annual Archer of Wolfage Manor award.

After some great shooting and a lot of fun, the scores for each day were as follows:

James “One Arrow” S.Harrington / Cobham260Ashby De La Zouche Studmuffin. Form a queue ladies.
Chris D.
Current Archer of Wolfage Manor
Harrington / Cobham240Adult
Ian L.Cobham230Adult
Lenette W.HarringtonAnt + 10Corby Girl
Ant F.Harrington170Essex Boy
The Almighty KOFHarrington150Legend
Matt C.Harrington120Hologram
Alex “I am the future..” F.Harrington110Junior
Arthur “beaten by the juniors” T.Harrington90Large
Rachel “Ginge” P.Harrington90Adult
Pete “Alec” B.Harrington90*Adult but disguises it really well.
Note: Only shot half the course due to being American and arriving late to the war.
Edward F.Harrington90Junior with Harmonica
Steph B.Harrington70MENSA intellect.
24 Targets, scoring on the first hit of three arrows. KILL = 20; WOUND = 10

Day two was equally competitive and a lot of fun:

Chris D.
Current Archer of Wolfage Manor
Harrington / Cobham345Adult
Pete “Alec” B.Harrington310Adult
Arthur “Oh right that’s how it works, got it now” T.Harrington270Adult
Matt C.Harrington240Adult. But we don’t believe it
Alex F.Harrington190Junior
Lenette W.Harrington190Adult
Edward F.Harrington150Junior
Ant F.Harrington140Adult
Note: Only shot half the course as was needed to hit Cobhams
Ian L.Cobham130Adult
Steph B.Harrington110Adult
Rachel P.Harrington85Adult
Shirley S.Harrington / Cobham85Adult
Three arrows from each peg, first arrow 20, second arrow 10, third arrow 5. Cease at first scoring arrow.
“And I would have got away with it if it hadn’t been for those pesky trees!”

Which meant after two days the final standings looked like this:

After 47 years, I finally have the answer as to who killed Bambi’s mother… – Editor


1Chris D.585Harrington / Cobham
2Pete B.400Harrington
3Lenette W.370Harrington
4=Matt C.360Boys from the Dwarf
4=Ian L.360Cobham
4=Arthur T.360Harrington
5Ant F.310Harrington
6James S.260Harrington / Cobham
7Steph B.180Harrington
8Rachel P175Harrington
10Shirley S.85Harrington / Cobham


1Alex F.300Harrington
2Edward F.240Harrington

The scores will go on to the rest of the shooting season, to be combined with other shoots before our January banquet so things may change before then!

Of course, it wasn’t just about the archery, it was great to do some combat as well. And praise must go to Tim the hardy Cobham for camping out!

It was a great chilled out weekend, just what we needed after a busy few months and we will definitely be returning to the site as part of our pre season activities.

General Note: Covid-19 precautions were in effect and all participants were lateral flow tested before arrival in accordance with current government advice and guidance.

No animals were harmed in the making of this weekend, though it did contain nuts. Caution: Never run with scissors.

  1. #1 by Chris Davies on October 29, 2021 - 7:13 am

    Great weekend guys. The manager of the Outdoor Centre wants us back as well.The place was left so tidy the other staff of the centre didn’t think we had been there.

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