Event Review – Kenilworth Castle Medieval Festival 2018


Kenilworth Castle at Night.

The Companye have returned from our spiritual home of Kenilworth Castle. We are indelibly associated with this location, and have undertaken events here for English Heritage since the Companye first started. This was our first of two events here in 2018, if you missed us we will be back here again in June.

This was the Medieval Festival Bank Holiday event, taking place over the Sunday & Monday, and which was a replacement for the St George’s weekends that we had been doing previously. We were delighted to work once more with our great friends Myal Pyper (followers of this blog may remember them from our banquet), Raphael Historic Falconry, Peterkin the Fool, and Higgerflo.

We arrived on the Saturday, and were treated to the most amazing thunderstorm overnight. This was truly spectacular, and when one is just in awe of nature. The lightning was truly awesome and the thunder would probably have been so had it not been for some of the snoring going on which was giving it a run for the money.. (We know who you are – Editor)


Rob is currently on secondment from the North Pole, where he usually makes all the toys for the Good children!

Despite the Thunder God’s best efforts (Heretic, burn them – Editor) Sunday started with an archery display, there was some excellent shooting, with Master James emerging as the champion on the day. We culminated in a recreation of the 1415 Battle of Agincourt, where our brave French Knights advanced into the withering hail of arrows. For extra special sauce, this year our arena was at the base of Leicester’s Tower, which can best be described as Higher Nepal. Credit must got to Normous Nick for making it so far up the hill before meeting his gruesome end.

Then, in the afternoon it was time to demonstrate the arms and armour of the period. We had a great crowd, and showcased sword and buckler, longsword, and poleaxe, before moving into the team rounds. The latter was highly popular with the audience, partly because the hill we were fighting on caused much merriment as people kept hitting the deck!

Footage there of Corin dealing with someone who obviously looked the wrong way across the campsite at him. Readers can be reassured that the Lord gave Spencer two of them – it’ll be fine.

Unfortunately on the Sunday afternoon it started raining just as the public were leaving. This was not part of the plan.

So… it’s raining. Well, what do you do? You can either sit there moaning about your existence or you can get on with it. And if you are a Harrington, what better way to feel alive than dancing in the rain. With some members of the public (who enjoyed it immensely).

Here is some public footage of the dancing..

As someone once said – it can’t rain all the time. And so the weather cleared up, just in time for some evening campfire cooking and singing.

Monday was more of the same, but with even more public. We also had time for some keep fit..


Harrington Pilates – the Floor Sprung Dirk Technique! Wait, is that the fabled Rock Star Lenny in the background?

It was a great weekend, and we can’t wait to go back next month. See you there!

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