2016 Banquet – Menu announced!

The Head Steward of our kitchens has been busy, and the menu for this weekend’s banquet has now been finalised.

The following will be served in a series of removes:

The Harrington Banquette 2016

The Menu

A Vegetable and Pasta Potage.

Served in an individual bread Trencher

A Strong Potage of seasonable vegetables cooked with herbs and spices.

Rolled Haunch of Venison

Venison from the Forests of Northamptonshire, boned, rolled, spit roasted and served with a red currant and port sauce.

Mushroom and Bacon Pie

A pie of Mushrooms and smoked Bacon, topped with cheese and herbs.

Green Vegetables

A selection of green vegetables

Roasted vegetables

A selection of root vegetable roasted in fine oils with a selection of herbs.

Fresh Bread

A Potage of Apples and Almond Milk

A sweet potage made with apples, almond milk and honey, garnished with ginger, cinnamon and nutmeg.

A selection of Cheeses from England and France

Roll on Saturday! You can read a review of last year’s banquet here 

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