Results – Hazelborough Archery Shoot

Let the 2016 Hunger Games begin!!

Below are the results from the shoot.

Thanks to all those who came and made it such an enjoyable day.
Viv (WFAC) 328

Nicky F. (WFAC) 284

Corin B. (WFAC/Harringtons) 214

Howard S (WFAC) 208

Ali L. (WFAC) 206

Kyle A. (MSS) 192

Martin S. (MSS) 180

Tony H. (Harringtons) 172

Ant F. (WFAC/Harringtons) 164

Keith A. (MSS) 158

Lenette W. (WFAC/Harringtons) 140

Ben G. (Bayards) 124

Cheri S. (Harringtons) 110

Chloe M. (WFAC/Harringtons) 90

Pete W. (Harringtons) 90

Sam C. (Harringtons) 72

Marcus B. (Harringtons) 64

Jess D. (Harringtons) 58

There was some fantastic shooting on display, on a course of 25 targets of mixed ranges within a wonderful woodland setting. Even though the day was slightly damp it failed to spoil the jollity.

Shot of the day was possibly this one, against a vicious French sapling that wanted to invade…

“And the woody woodpecker award goes to…”

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