Event Review – Fayre Times Festival

Report by Special Guest Reporter ‘Who’sthatgirlit’sJess!”

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With the last event of the season upon us, those Harringtons not quite ready to heed the rumours that ‘Winter is coming,’ picked up our Cataclysmic Adamantite Shortsword (with +5 to fire attack) and a light lunch, heading off in search of another adventure in the form of the Fayre Times Festival.
The Fayre Times Festival is described as a ‘celebration of History, Folklore and Fantasy’. It’s an Aladdin’s cave of Historians, Re-enactors, Live Action Role-players juxtaposed within one field. Located within 170 acres of land the Royal Gunpowder Mills was the setting for the event, which boasted a 300 year old history of gunpowder, explosives and rockets. Inviting people of all ages to visit the interactive museum, take a ride on the land train and even handle some weapons in the armoury.


Upon completion of our pilgrimage to the site, we followed a Pirate through the gates and into the main field where the main arena was surrounded with tents-a-plenty ranging from the 8th century Viking tents to the 28th century apocalyptic soldiers of fortune barracks (with added camouflage). We passed what looked like the offspring result of when an elf falls in love with an oompa-loompa and swiftly located our fellow MSS-ers already pitched and discussed the day’s events.
Both days had a similar timetable: the morning saw the day kick off with a parade led by the MSS (the Vikings were supposed to be first but they had got lost along the way). Displays were provided, by various groups within the main arena including the Vikings, Battle of the nations (angry hugging), the MSS, the Society of Creative Anachronism and Sir Marmaduke Rawdon’s Regiment of Foote.
The MSS gave it their all with their hour long slot; Hosted by Ian Simmons he first introduced the Archers who took the opportune moment to show off their speedy draws. This was followed by the Sappers (including two Harringtons newly recruited and trained to the post, that weekend) and their baby Cecil, the Trebuchet; who blasted the Dragonscale Pavaise of the Corrupted with Frenzied anti-matter cabbages (complete with shield upgrade: obsidian parcel tape of protection).


Upon destruction of the Pavaise, the men at arms got to show off their skill and prowess in one to one combat and the circle of treachery, where our one and only Harrington was seized upon by five de Cobhams; he fought bravely and died with honour… Fortunately he had a life left, so managed to regenerate in time for the archers to pummel the men at arms hiding behind the pavaise… Unfortunately he died again losing not only his last life but also the 97 gold rings he had collected along the way. The remaining men at arms were swiftly dispatched by a maniacal female wielding the divine giant spoon of sundering. The rest of the day allowed free time to visit the site, take a mini train ride, look around the trade stalls, eat, observe what it is that LARPers do, and generally relax and have a good time.


The second day ended with our very own Stan the Bow Man winning 2nd prize in the Archery competition (a hearty £500) and the MSS winning 1st prize in the re-enactment group display competition.



Overall a great event enjoyed by all and with plenty of room for expansion next year. The perfect way to end the season in a relaxed, less formal event with a variety of things to do and plenty of time to play.

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