2013 Banquet Menu Revealed


The Harrington Banquette 2013

The Menu


A well dressed salad based on a 14th Century recipe 


Pottage du Jour

A Potage of vegetables, freshly made and served at the table 


Chicken and Leek en Croute

Rich chicken and leek cooked with a mixture of herbs and baked in a pastry jacket 

Hind leg of Venison

Hind leg of Venison from the Forests of Northamptonshire roasted and carved at the table.

Spit roasted Pork

Pork from our Lords land, stuffed with apple, onion and herbs, rolled and roasted on the spit then carved at the table.

Roasted vegetables

A selection of root vegetable roasted in fine oils with a selection of herbs.

Good fresh Bread

Good fresh bread from the Households own Master Baker.


A Pottage of Autumn Fruits

New seasons fruit gently cooked in wine and brandy, lightly spiced, with a wine and honey sauce and cream from the dairy

A selection of Cheese from England and France

A hard cheese, a goat cheese and a soft cheese

Assemble in our Lords Main Hall from 6-30 pm.

Please be seated for 7 pm to hear your Lords welcome and the blessing of the food.



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