September Skirmish – Event Review

By Guest Reporter Alec Smith

Long range archery

Several weeks ago I attended an MSS woodland skirmish at Tournament Stud near Silverstone. As it was my first time on the site I was quite surprised to see the tavern in the middle of the otherwise empty field. This view, mingled with recollections of stories of previous skirmishes I’d heard, suddenly made me very excited. I was also slightly concerned for my boots as it had turned out to be a muddy day and I had no idea we could have civvies, but I soon got over that.
Attendance was mainly members of the Companye, and together we numbered 12 with an almost even amount of MAA and archers which made for some interesting games.
The first of which was the runner game where one or two runners had to reach a certain spot on the site (in this case it was the exit from the woods) without being killed. After a few of these games it was my turn, with Alan, to be the runners. We managed to completely overestimate the size the woodland and came round full circle way behind our target.

After scrambling through bushes, bonfires etc (as seen on Alan’s head cam video) we came back on track, our only way in now was to run at the exit from the side.

Alan got through but unfortunately I didn’t as Stan’s arrow and my thigh were destined to meet, and it seemed it travelled through several bushes to get there! I was doomed anyway as Corin was just about to mash me with my own creation.
My favourite game was the bomb run/tree house game. One team had a bomb and had to take it to and hold it under the tree house for 30 seconds, and the other team simply had to stop them. To begin with the teams were split so that archers were defending and the MAA were attacking. This was great as it required lots of moving about, like when Stan and I dropped Ant and Alan and flanked up the right, a manoeuvre which ended in an ending I’m not going to mention but saved the tree house.

Finally, as the afternoon came to a close we did a tavern assault, a moment I had been waiting for all day…

All the archers stood up on the tavern roof and attempted to stop the Men at arms from taking the tavern. Most of the time we were successful in doing so apart from the one time Ant used the secret door I didn’t know about, I was so surprised I almost hurt myself as I instinctively leapt from the battlements to save myself.
Overall it was an excellent day and I can’t wait for the next one!

Getting ready for the skirmish

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