The Will of Sir James Harrington

Our historian Mike Ingram recently acquired the will of Sir James Harrington of Wolfage Manor.


Extracted from the Principal Registry of the Probate Division of Her Majesty’s High Court of Justice. In the Prerogative Court of Canterbury.

In the Name of our Lord God Jhu. Amen I Sir JAMES HARINGTON of Brixworth in the Counte of North being of hoole mynde and fresh memorie make and ordeyne this my pfit Testament and last Wil in this man and fome following First I bequeth my soule to Alle myghti God and to oure blissid Lady Saint Marye and to alle the glorious Companye of Hevin and my body to be buried in the Parifsh Chirch of Brixworth aforesaid yf I fortune to deceafse iiygh the Countre And if I do not, thenne where myne Executpurs shall seme best Also I will that the coostis and charges of my obsequies and diriges and burying be takin of the ifsues and pfittes of alle my Man? landes and tenements by the haudes of myne Executours And I will that my wife have the ifsues and pfittes of aile my said landes Mans and tenements aftre my said obsequiesand burying to the enteut that w* the ifsues and profitts of the same over there finding and necessarie charge she doo pay my detts as ferre as the same obsequies will extende And aftre hir decesse I will that myne Executours de treuly content and pay the residue of alle my dettis which thenne shal be due And immediately aftre my detts paied I woll that a prest be founde for ever to singe in the Parissh Chirch of Brixworth to pry for my soule my children soules and all cristin Soulis aftre the discrecions of myne Executours And I woll that all my feoffees in alle my said landes Mans and tenements in Preston Thorleigh Bratheeton Thuckley Fifshweke Brokeslande Derby Pulton Magna and Pulton pua suffer myne Executours to take x marcs of the profitts of the same aftre the decesse of my said wife for the exhibicion of the said pSte alle by the advise of Thomas Kebill S’iaunt of lawe and William Cutlard or other in ther absence otherwise shal be orderid for the sure cotinuaunce of the finding of the said Prest for eu taking x marc of the profittz of the said londes and tenements to be paied yerely vnto the said Prest for the tyme being at Brixworth at ij tmes of the yer by the said advice to be limited And I will that the same Pste shall say euy weke iij Mafses of Requiem and iij Placebo and Dirige for the Soules aforesaid And I woll who soeu shal be hereaftre Lord of Wolridge shall have the nominacon of the said Prest Provided alwaies that Sir Robt Ratclif shal be the first pst that that shal haue the said Annuyte yf he life he doing as is aforesaid And I will that these psones folowing haue all such loudes and tenements as 1 graunt vnto them for tme of there lifes that is to say to Robt Hulton a mese lying in Brixleworlh aforesaid in the hold of Richard Skynner to Myles Worsley a mese in Turton in the holding of James Walrnesley to Richard Radclif a mese in Dyukley to Jamys Holcroft a mese in Briklisworth in his owen holding To Nicholas Afshton a mese that he holdith in Briklisworth to Arnold Pennyngton a mese in Fifshweke And I wil that alle fees graunted and to be graunted by my writing to eny p’son or p’sonnes shallbe p’oemed of my said man? londes and tenements according to the trewe entent of my grunt any thing afore not wt standing And after my dettes paied and the decefse of my saide wife I wil that the said man? loudes and tenements whiche be entailed to the heires geuerall so be deptid evinly among them And suche of my man? londes and tenements whiche be entailed to the heires males I wil the same heires males haue them And as for my londes and tenements in Elston and Lancaster I will that my sonne Sir Thomas Aisshton and my dautr Agnes his wife haue the moyte of the said londis and tenements in Elston and alle my landis and tenements in Lancaster And I wil that Anne my daughter haue the other moyte of Elston to hir and to hir heires And I wil that the same Anne shal haue all my landes and tenementis to hir and hir heires in fee simple in Preston Dynkley and Bretherton Also I wil that if any wrongs have been don by me that they be reformed by myn Executou’s and satisfaccion made And I make myn Executours Isabell my wife Sir Thomas Ratclif Robt Ratclif Xpofer Harington preste John Radclif of Horsdale in the Counte of Lancastre sonne and heire of William Radclif of Horsdale afore said brother of the said Isabelle whome I require and charge as they will answer afore God that this my last Will be p formed in ev’y thinge And for the prove that this is my last Will I have subscribed the same with my hand and have setto my scale the last day of Aprill the vi yere of the Reigue of King Henry the vij th Thise being witnefse and Recorde William Cutteler Miles Worsley Arnold Pynnyngton and David Pyndesburye. Probatum fuit suprscriptum Testamentum apud Lamebith Sexto Die mensis Marcij Anno Dni surp diet Juramento Domine Isabelle Relict & Xpofori Harington Executor! fee ac approbatum & insinuate &c Et comifsa fuit Administraco omi & singlorl bonor) et debit &c. dictis Executoribus fee De bene et fideliter Administrand fee Ac de pleno & fideli Inventario &c citra festum Annuuciaconis bte Marie Virginis proximo fee Necnon de fideli compoto calculo &c Reservat ptate comittend: admistracoem aliss coexecutorib} &csi earn in se afsumer voluint fee.

Extracted from the inquisitions of Sir James Harrington, and of Isabella, widow of Sir James Harrington. 14 Henry VII (19th Nov. 1498.) INQUISITION taken at Chorley on Monday 19th of November 14 Henry 7, 1498, after the death of Sir JAMES HARINGTON Kt. The jurors say that long before his death the said Sir JAMES H. was seized in his demesne as of fee of the Manor of Westley Blakerode and certain lands and tenements in Penyngton Preston Chorley Bradertou Dynkley Fysheweke Brokesland Derby Pulton Magna Pulton Parva and Turton in the county of Lancaster viz. to him and his heirs by virtue of divers feoffments and grants thereof made to his ancestors ; and being so seized enfeoffed Thomas Radcliffe of Standish clerk William Radcliffe of Ordsal Esqre and John Radcliffe of the same place son and heir apparent of the sd William Robert Radcliffe William Radcliffe brothers of the said Robert John Norwych Nicholas Gryffyn Esqres Alexander Radcliffe son and heir of John Radcliffe, Robert Longley Esqre Thomas Tydesley of Tyldesley Roger Hylton, Roger his son, Richard Holland Thurstan Holland son and heir apparent of Richard Holland of Denton and others, by his charter dated 10 December 8 Henry 7 (1492) to the use of him the said Sir JAMES H. to fulfil his last Will, by virtue of which feoffment the said Trustees were seized; and afterwards the said Sir JAMES H. by his Will declared that Isabella his Wife should hold for term of her life all and singular the premises and after her death remainder to the right heirs of the said Sir JAMES H. of his body lawfully begotten. That AGNES ELIZABETH ALICE MARGARET ISABELLA ALIANORE JOAN ANNE CLEMENCE and KATHARINE were daughters of the said Sir JAMES H. and his next heirs, and that each and all of them were of the full age of 21 years and upwards. And that the said Sir JAMES died on 26th of June 12 Henry 7 (1497).

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