Delapre Abbey – Event Review


On Saturday 6th July, the Companye campaigned to the relatively local Delapre Abbey, which forms part of the battlefield of Northampton 1460. The event was organised by the Friends of Delapre Abbey (FODA) as part of the anniversary commemorations, and gave their visitors an insight into the sights and sounds of 15th Century Northampton and the people who lived there.

Unlike the battle in 1460, it was a hot and scorching day and the Abbey Park was packed with public who enjoyed our displays and were interested in the battle.

As well as living history, the Companye demonstrated medieval archery to the crowd. Alec, who despite being the youngest of our archers draws the heaviest bow of the our Companye members and he quickly made short work of the target.

We had reserved our demonstration of foot combat for what seemed to be the hottest part of the day. The display was a mix of unscripted competitive combat, and a demonstration by Gary and Ant of longsword techniques from the Harleian Manuscript, a recently discovered 15th Century scroll on swordfighting in the Harleian Collection. Dale won the combat circle of treachery, thanks to some very underhanded tactics. We fear he may be reaping the fruits of his endeavours the next time we do such a combat tournament!

Following the Foot Tournament, the Companye formed part of an honour guard to a new painting of the battle by renowned historical illustrator Matthew Ryan, which was unveiled by the Mayor of Northampton. The painting has been gifted by Matt to the Abbey and the people of Northampton, and it is a truly stunning piece of work.


The event was heavily covered online, and in the local press.

All in all, the event was a great success, feedback from FODA has been excellent and we hope to return to the Abbey in the near future.



  1. News – Delapre Abbey event confirmed for 2014 | Sir William Harrington's Companye

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