Naseby Event Review


Last weekend saw the Companye in attendance at the commemoration of the 1645 Battle of Naseby. The more astute reader will of course query what this has to do with the Wars of the Roses, and of course you would be correct.

The custodians of the battlefield are keen to show the full history of the Naseby location however, and not just one morning in 1645. Hence, in addition to Roundheads and Cavaliers, there were representatives from The Medieval Siege Society present, as well our great allies Wryngwyrm, who were portraying The Viking era.

Guest of honour at the event was the Right Honourable Earl Spencer, uncle of our future King, and whose ancestors were involved in both the 1645 battle and of course the Wars of the Roses. His Lordship was invited into our camp, and took a keen and we believe genuine interest in what we were demonstrating. It was also a novel experience to have someone in the Harrington camp who was taller than Corin!!

Sir William Harrington was sadly overseas in the Dublin Pale putting down the Irish, so the Companye was lead by Lady Harrington, ably assisted by her Vintners. The day started with a demonstration of the weapons and armour of the 15th century, and the techniques involved in their use. This concluded with a team combat tournament, which the attending public enjoyed.


The fearsome Medieval Siege Society trebuchet put in an appearance, and the skilled crew were reloading it in record time. The fastest time clocked was an awesome 1 minute 15. Next time I feel a speed shoot against the Sealed Knot gunnery team will be in order!

Lunch was provided by the Companye Master Chef (current holder of the Harrington MVP award) and boy have we missed his cooking. We were served a strong potage of chicken and contemporary grains, followed by Siege Savoury (bread, onion, black pudding) and for sweet Jo cooked a Flaune of Alamayne.

Evening entertainment was provided by an up tempo folk band from Market Harborough, The Riff Raff Element. The mosh pit was definitely won by Wryngwyrm! You can see some of the music on the YouTube link here
The Riff Raff Element

Sunday saw an impromptu bill drill for the attending children, as the inclement weather meant the Sealed Knot were unable to perform. Great fun was had by the participants, with Mark doing an excellent impersonation of Lord Harrington. Rumours that he was chosen as he was the only one short enough are entirely unfounded and punishable by death.

Despite the weather, this was a fantastic event. Companye members mucked in and affected an efficient packdown in torrential conditions.

You can see a fantastic slideshow and video from the event put together by the local press at the following link:
Naseby Press Report

Our next event is at Delapre Abbey on the 6th July, an event focused around the 1460 Battle of Northampton. See you there!


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