Was Henry Tudor at Edgecote?

Henry Tudor at Edgecote?
Or an opportunity to do something with scripts?

As you know Henry Tudor was made a ward of William Herbert Earl of Pembroke. He would have been about 13 at the time of Edgcote (1469).

This is from a quote from a petition of Sir Richard Corbet of Morton Corbrt to Henry V11
“after the death of Lord Herbert after the field of Banbury, hee was one of them that brought yr grace out of the danger of yr enemies and conveyed yr grace to ye town of Hereford unto Jasper [Tudor] now duke of Bedford*…
This is the best original evidence I’ve got, but a 19th century history of the Devereux family claims that Walter Devereux (Lord Ferrers) rescued Henry from the field at Edgcote. Sir Richard Corbet of Morton Corbet turns out to be Ferrers son in law (but fought against him at Bosworth). As Pembroke was married to a Devereux this would also reinforce the likelihood of a connection.
Lastly ‘The New Oxford DNB’ Henry VII article says that Henry was with Herbert at Edgecote.

I think he was.

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